Our Mission

Our MISSION is to develop and deliver innovative and performance-driven hazard control solutions.


Chief Technologies is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to ensuring the safety and protection of individuals and assets.

Hazard control, especially related to firefighting and fire protection, is a fast-evolving industry with constantly growing threats and needs. We all demand more from our equipment and its respective producers. For this reason, the mission of our R&D team is always to design and produce products that support the brave men and women who fight and prevent fires. With a decade of combined expertise, Chief serves customers by meeting challenging product development schedules and offering equipment that functions even in the most demanding field environments. Our extensive experience, reinforced by an energetic and capable foundation of success, makes us uniquely suited to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Chief Fire™ delivers cutting-edge fire protection solutions and innovative products to protect what matters most. Unparalleled quality and reliability for a safer tomorrow.

Our Brands

Vidafor® ensures that every product enhances both safety and comfort for those on the front lines. High-quality PPEs tailored to safeguard individuals in various industries.

Featured Categories

Fire & Industrial Hoses

The success of fire fighting operations depends on the reliability of the hose being used. Chief Fire’s supply and attack hoses are high quality with extended lifetime outperforming other hoses available in market. They are available in multiple diameters, in both woven (double and single jacket) and rubber-coated versions, with various style couplings, and in multiple colors. Chief Fire hoses are engineered to be light in weight while at the same time offering maximum strength and superior abrasion resistance.

Fire Protection Valves

Fire protection valves play a critical role in safeguarding buildings and industrial facilities by controlling and regulating the flow of water or fire suppressants. These essential components are strategically installed to ensure rapid response during emergencies, effectively preventing the spread of fires. From angel valve to hydrants, fire protection valves are integral to maintaining a reliable and robust fire safety infrastructure.

Electrical Flow Devices

Flow Devices are a crucial device designed to swiftly detect unexpected water flow in various settings. These innovative switch act as a vigilant guardian, triggering alarms upon detecting abnormal water movement, thereby preventing potential damage and ensuring timely response to unforeseen leaks or floods. With its advanced technology, our devices stands as a reliable safeguard for property and infrastructure.

Featured Products



  • An impact protection glove featuring a sandy finish, reinforced thumb crotch, palm padding, and ANSI cut protection level A4.
  • This design provides enhanced protection while ensuring a strong grip when working with oily materials, handling metals, or operating machinery.


Fire Fighter Gear Bag

  • Long-Lasting Durability: Made with durable polyester that protects the gear for long periods of time.
  • Large Clamshell Compartment: A wide zippered opening with plenty of room to store firefighting turnout gear.
  • Helmet Pocket: A zippered side pouch fits a firefighter helmet.


Dark Lens Safety Glasses

  • Adjustable temples for maximum fit and comfort.
  • Screwless design
  • Lightweight materials

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