About CHIEF fire

Chief Fire™ delivers cutting-edge fire protection solutions and innovative products to protect what matters most. Unparalleled quality and reliability for a safer tomorrow.


The success of fire fighting operations depends on the reliability of the hose being used. Chief Fire’s supply and attack hoses are high quality with extended lifetime outperforming other hoses available in market. They are available in multiple diameters, in both woven (double and single jacket) and rubber-coated versions, with various style couplings, and in multiple colors. Chief Fire hoses are engineered to be light in weight while at the same time offering maximum strength and superior abrasion resistance.


Large diameter hose (LDH) is the ideal solution for temporarily getting large quantities of water to where it is needed in the petroleum, gas, and mining industry. Chief Fire offers a variety of diameters of rugged polyurethane coated hose. It is easier to deploy over uneven terrain than an aluminum pipe and requires less space for storage than the equivalent length of pipe. Chief Fire also offers a variety of hose deployment and retrieval vehicles making us your “one-stop-shop” for complete mobile water distribution systems.


Chief Fire engineering team has created a versatile combination using a custom-built light rescue body and various trailer units. The chassis-mounted equipment body and trailer body are all constructed of aluminum using custom-designed extrusions for a corrosion-free body. The bodies are available in various lengths to accommodate the purchaser’s equipment and LDH fire hose inventory.

Fire Protection Valves

Fire protection valves play a critical role in safeguarding lives and property by controlling and regulating the flow of water or other extinguishing agents during fire emergencies. These valves are integral components of fire suppression systems, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of firefighting resources. Designed with precision and reliability, fire protection valves are essential for maintaining the effectiveness of fire safety measures in various environments.

Water Works

Fire hydrants are vital fixtures in urban landscapes, serving as crucial elements in emergency response systems. These resilient devices provide a readily accessible water source for firefighters to combat blazes swiftly and efficiently. Positioned strategically throughout cities, fire hydrants play a pivotal role in safeguarding communities against the threat of destructive fires.

Electrical Flow Devices

Our flow switches are crucial devices in fluid control systems, designed to detect the presence or absence of flow within a pipeline. Utilizing various sensing mechanisms, it triggers a response, such as activating or deactivating a pump or signaling an alarm, based on the fluid flow status. This compact and versatile component plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and safe operation of various industrial processes.

Foam Equipment

Foam equipment is essential across diverse industries, generating and dispensing foam for firefighting, industrial cleaning, and chemical processing. These specialized devices efficiently produce and apply foam, meeting specific safety and operational needs. With adaptable configurations and advanced technologies, foam equipment plays a crucial role in addressing challenges across various sectors.